"TMA is needed because action speaks louder than words. We’ve come a long way since me growing up as a half Ghanaian in a German town, but there’s still lots of ground to be covered. Thanks for pushing the agenda, Laila!"

"Really appreciate you supporting us founders with various resources, for everything from pitching to teambuilding. I like the rich information. I also feel that I'm getting real help and connections here. Thank you!"

"For someone who recently started to dive into entrepreneurship I  feel like TMA is a place to explore and gain various insights and ressources that is not available by simply searching the web. Every answer I got in here so far, has shaped my thinking in some way. So thank you for this platform"

"Laila has been an indispensable asset in the development of my startup, offering constructive criticism and strategic introductions that have proved invaluable. Balancing this with a remarkable empathy, she consistently knew the precise words to articulate, timing her advice to maximize its efficacy on my entrepreneurial journey. My gratitude to Laila is boundless; she truly stands as a unique beacon of support and guidance."

"TMA offers hope for small business owners, particularly those overlooked due to their backgrounds and provides a wealth of connections to seasoned professionals."

"As someone who is deeply interested in entrepreneurship, I always wanted to meet people with same goals and pursuits. I tried attending a bunch of different incubators and meetups but never felt accepted due to certain things, which I understand. I feel, because everyone in TMA has a similar background as me, I will have a better community to belong to."

TMA stands for equal access of POC & migrant founders to qualification, network and funding. We want to empower the next BioNTech, ResearchGate and DeepL. According to Migrant Founders Monitor 2023, there's still significant lack of VC funding and access to authorities, offices and network for migrant founders.

Get on board - we're about to head north! Here's multiple options of getting on board and fostering diversity in the DACH-economy for you.

Check if any of these options are relevant for your organisation:

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